ParaMind Brainstorming Software

ParaMind Brainstorming Software

We are happy to introduce you to our new version of the ParaMind...

We are happy to introduce you to our new version of the ParaMind Brainstorming program. In this version there are many important changes. ParaMind Version 3.

1 is a much more powerful program than ParaMind Version 3. The merging power of ParaMind Version 3. 1 is much greater than all earlier versions of ParaMind, making many more ideas by creating much larger merges of your ideas.

A maximum of twenty-five Word Categories can be selected for a Large Complex Merge or a Large Simple Merge compared to only two in the earlier versions.

ParaMind 3. 1 allows multiple windows to be open at a time, creating a separate window for each merge and displaying the results of the merge in a new window.

The number of Word Categories you can have in a single directory has been expanded to 999 in the Standard version. The Replace by Category function has been significantly improved.

Replace by Category is a search method that looks for your word in the ParaMind database. Some search methods in computers will only find your exact word.

If you are doing a web search on apples, if you type in apple, you won't get apples, but only apple. You will not find as many results. So we found a way in our old programs to have the user find Word Categories that have both apple and apples.

We call that search method Replace by Category Partial. We have also created a method that let's you find the exact word, which we call Replace by Category Exact If you are looking for apples you will only find apples, not apple.

We have also added many new words to the existing 500 Word Categories that have come with ParaMind and cleaned up some of them up. That is, earlier versions of ParaMind made no claim to having Word Categories existing in the same parts of speech.

In releasing 3. 0, we made a move to have all words in a Word Category be in the same part of speech. Version 3. 1 further completes that transition.

Almost all Word Categories that had less than the maximum number of twenty-two words have been increased, adding hundreds of new words in the process.

In older versions we recommended printing ParaMind documents from a word processor, but in Version 3. 1 you can print documents directly from ParaMind.

1 you can print documents directly from ParaMind.

ParaMind Brainstorming Software


ParaMind Brainstorming Software